20+ Midjourney Prompts for Logo Design

In this guide, we look at 20+ Midjourney V6 prompts for logo design.

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Midjourney V6 has arrived and the model improvements are very impressive.

A few key highlights of Midjourney V6 are improved prompt coherence—meaning you can write more naturally instead of using random words—better in-image text images (although still not perfect), and enhanced realism.

In this guide, we'll look at 20+ Midjourney prompts you can use for logo design. We'll look at various logo styles like monograms, letterforms, negative space, and more. Specifically, we'll cover:

  • In-Image Text Logos
  • Tech Product Logos
  • Startup & Corporate Logos
  • Creative & Media Logos
  • Health & Wellness Logos
  • Hospitality, Food, and Beverage Logos
  • Retail and Ecommerce Logos

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Let's get started.

In-Image Text Logos

First, let's look at a few logos that incorporate slogans with in-image text. While it does take a few tries to get right, be sure to place the text you want in "double quotes" for the best results.

Think Smart
Design a logo with a neural network-inspired graphic, paired with the slogan "Think Smart" in a sleek, tech-style font. --v 6.0

Beyond Bits
Develop a logo using intertwined qubits symbolizing quantum entanglement. Accompany it with "Beyond Bits" as the slogan in a modern, digital font. --v 6.0

Galactic Gateway
Create a logo showcasing a simplified space station circling a planet. Use "Galactic Gateway" as the slogan in a cutting-edge typeface. --v 6.0

Tech Product Logos

Next, here are a few prompts that incorporate the logo directly into the product.

Next-gen Smartwatch
Create a logo for a next-generation smartwatch. Use a sleek, digital-themed logo on the watch face, representing advanced technology. --v 6.

Smart Speaker
Design a visual of a voice-activated speaker with a triangular logo prominently displayed on the top of the device. --v 6.0

Virtual reality Headset
Design a logo for a realistic virtual reality headset to be placed on the front center of the product. The logo should feature a stylized "V" and place the product in a futuristic home setting. --v 6.0

Startup & Corporate Logos

Here are a few startup & corporate-related logos that incorporate logo styles like monogram and negative space.

Monogram Fintech Logo
Create a monogram logo for a fintech firm using the letter "Q", combining digital and monetary elements. Focus on a sleek, high-tech feel with a palette of blues. --v 6.0

Negative Space Logo
Design a negative space logo for an agency that is both creative and professional. Focus on a clever design where the negative space forms a distinct element. Use a sophisticated, minimal color scheme. --v 6.0

Futuristic Smart Home Logo
Design a logo for a futuristic smart home device featuring a digital tree symbolizing growth in technology, and place it in the middle of a circular hub. --v 6.0

Creative & Media Logos

Here are a few prompts for creative & media companies that incorporate avatars, abstract, and shapes into the logo.

Influencer Avatar Logo
Create an avatar logo for a fashion influencer known for their bold and chic style. Use striking colors like black, white, and gold, and incorporate elements like sunglasses and trendy attire. The avatar should embody elegance and trendsetting appeal, suitable for a strong social media presence. --v 6.0

Fashion Brand Abstract Logo
Design an abstract logo for a fashion brand that embodies contemporary elegance. Use fluid, abstract shapes in a monochrome palette, hinting at sophistication and high fashion. The design should be minimal yet impactful. --v 6.0

Creative Agency Shape Logo
Design a logo for a creative agency "CA", where the initials "C" and "A" are cleverly integrated inside a geometric or abstract shape. This design should symbolize the agency's innovative and artistic capabilities. Use a modern color scheme that reflects creativity and professionalism. --v 6.0

Health & Wellness Logos

Here are a few health & wellness related logo prompts that incorporate styles like letterform, symbols, and minimalism.

Health and Wellness Letterform Logo
Design a letterform logo for a health and wellness brand, focusing on the letter "H". Use a soothing and organic style with a color palette of soft greens and whites. Emphasize a sense of tranquility and natural wellbeing. Incorporate elements that suggest health and renewal, like leaves or water droplets. Avoid overly complex designs, aiming for clarity and simplicity. --v 6.0 --style raw

Eco-Friendly Symbol Logo
Design an eco-friendly symbol logo that captures the essence of sustainability. Focus on elements like leaves, earth, or water, using a color palette of greens, browns, and blues to symbolize nature. Aim for a clean, simple design that conveys environmental consciousness and responsibility. --v 6.0

Minimalist Fitness Logo
Design a minimalist logo for a fitness app, using a geometric representation of a running track in black and green. The logo should consist of clean, simple lines forming a stylized track, capturing the essence of fitness in a modern design. The color scheme of black for elegance and green for health and vitality should make the logo distinct and scalable for digital use. --v 6.0

Hospitality, Food, and Beverage Logos

Here are a few prompts that provide hospitality, food & beverage logos that incorporate mascots, emblems, and letterform styles.

Food and Beverage Mascot Logo
Create a mascot logo for a food and beverage brand, featuring a character that embodies the joy of eating and drinking. Use vibrant, appetizing colors like reds, oranges, or yellows. The mascot could be a playful fruit, vegetable, or a cheerful chef, designed to be inviting and fun, appealing to a broad audience. --v 6.0

Boutique Hotel Emblem Logo
Create an emblem logo for a boutique hotel, focusing on its distinctive architecture or interior design elements. Use a color palette of golds and deep blues for a touch of luxury and sophistication. The design should be elegant and detailed, reflecting the hotel's unique character and high-end hospitality experience --v 6.0

Craft Brewery Letterform Logo
Design a letterform logo for a craft brewery, using the initial 'C' in a style that reflects artisanal brewing. Incorporate elements like barley, hops, or a beer glass subtly into the letter's design. Choose a color scheme of earthy tones like amber, brown, and green, symbolizing natural ingredients and the brewing process. The logo should be bold yet rustic, capturing the essence of craft beer culture. --v 6.0

Retail and Ecommerce Logos

Finally, here are a few logo prompts for retail & eCommerce companies that incorporate geometric, vintage, and futuristic logo styles.

Modern Geometric Ecommerce Logo
Create a modern, geometric logo for an e-commerce website. Use sharp, angular shapes in a vibrant color scheme, symbolizing efficiency and the digital nature of online shopping. --v 6.0

Vintage Typography Retail Logo
Design a vintage-style typography logo for a boutique retail store. Use classic, elegant fonts and incorporate a muted color palette to evoke a sense of timeless charm and sophistication. --v 6.0

Futuristic Tech Retail Logo
Create a futuristic logo for a tech retail company. Use sleek, digital-inspired design elements and a cool-toned color scheme to reflect the cutting-edge nature of the tech products sold. --v 6.0

That's it for this list of 20+ Midjourney logo prompts. If you want to stay updated with new AI educational content & resources, sign up to our newsletter below.

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