Midjourney Lighting Prompts

In this guide, we'll look at 20+ examples of Midjourney lighting prompts.

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Table of contents

Midjourney V6 was released last month, and in this guide we'll look at how 20+ prompts to experiment with lighting techniques, including:

  • Natural Lighting Techniques
  • Studio & Artificial Lighting
  • Environmental & Ambient Lighting
  • Special Effects & Experimental Lighting
  • Nature & Atmospheric Lighting

We'll also look at how you can use Midjourney prompt paramaters like --style, --stylize, --chaos, and --weird. If you're just getting started with Midjourney V6, you can check out our article below to learn more:

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Natural Lighting Techniques

Golden Hour Lighting
Capture a serene golden hour scene in the countryside, where the setting sun casts a warm, glowing light over rolling fields and the long shadows of trees create a peaceful mood --v 6.0 --stylize 60 --style raw --ar 16:9

Backlit & Silhouette Scenes
Create an image of a person or object silhouetted against a bright backdrop, with the light source behind them casting a striking silhouette and halo effect. --v 6.0 --stylize 70 --style raw --ar 16:9

Overcast & Diffused Light
Photograph a scene on an overcast day, where the cloud cover creates a soft, diffused light. This gentle lighting should evenly illuminate an outdoor portrait or a natural landscape, highlighting subtle details without harsh shadows --v 6.0 --stylize 70 --style raw --ar 16:9

Seasonal Lighting Variations
Capture the essence of a landscape transitioning through the seasons, showing the bright light of summer, the warm tones of autumn, the soft muted light of winter, and the gentle illumination of spring, all in one harmonious scene --v 6.0 --stylize 80 --style raw --ar 16:9

Studio & Artificial Lighting

In this section, let's introduce the --chaos parameter, which influences how varied image grids are. As the docs highlight:

High values will produce more unusual and unexpected results and compositions.
High-Key Commercial Product Display
Brightly lit commercial product display in a high-key setting, showcasing the product with sharp details and minimal shadows, clean and appealing --v 6.0 --stylize 70 --style raw --chaos 30 --ar 16:9

Low-Key and Dramatic Lighting
Create a theatrical portrait using low-key lighting, focusing on the dramatic interplay of light and shadow on the subject’s face, conveying deep emotion and intensity --v 6.0 --stylize 75 --style raw --chaos 10 --ar 16:9

Colored Lighting Effects
A modern city street scene at night, illuminated by vibrant colored lights from neon signs and storefronts, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere --v 6.0 --stylize 85 --style raw --chaos 20 --ar 16:9

Fashion Photography with Diffused Light
Fashion shoot in a studio setting using diffused artificial light, highlighting the textures and colors of the clothing, with a gentle and appealing glow --v 6.0 --stylize 70 --style raw --chaos 20 --ar 16:9

Environmental & Ambient Lighting

Urban Night Lights
Photograph a bustling city street at night, illuminated by bright neon signs and vibrant storefronts, creating a lively and colorful urban scene --style raw --stylize 60 --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

Mountainous Sunrise Panorama
Capture the first light of sunrise over a mountain range, highlighting the warm hues illuminating the peaks and valleys, creating a breathtaking panorama --style raw --stylize 80 --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

Forest Reflection on a Lake
Capture the serene beauty of a forest reflected on the still surface of a lake, with the trees and sky creating a perfect mirror image, enhancing the natural tranquility --style raw --stylize 60 --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

Shadow Play in Landscapes
Photograph the intricate shadow patterns formed on desert dunes, highlighting the play of light and shadow that creates a mesmerizing, textured surface --style raw --stylize 60 --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

Special Effects & Experimental Lighting

In this section, let's introduce the --weird parameter, which as the docs highlight:

...introduces quirky and offbeat qualities to your generated images, resulting in unique and unexpected outcomes.
Bokeh Light Effects
Capture a dreamy urban landscape at night with bokeh light effects, where the city lights create beautiful, blurred patterns --v 6.0 --weird 500 --style raw --ar 16:9

Light Painting and Long Exposures
Create a scene in a forest at night, using light painting techniques to add ethereal, glowing trails around the trees, giving a mystical and enchanted appearance --v 6.0 --weird 300 --style raw --ar 16:9

Abstract Light Patterns
Imagine a futuristic cityscape illuminated by abstract light patterns, where the lights form surreal and bizarre shapes, reflecting off surfaces in unexpected ways --v 6.0 --weird 3000 --style raw --ar 16:9

Abstract Motion Art with Strobe Effects
Create an abstract art piece showing motion with strobe lighting, blending movements into a fluid and surreal visual experience --v 6.0 --weird 700 --style raw --ar 16:9

Nature & Atmospheric Lighting

Fog and Mist Lighting
Photograph a forest pathway enveloped in fog, with the diffused light creating a serene and mysterious setting, highlighting the subtle textures of the trees and foliage --style raw --stylize 70 --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

Water Droplets on a Window Pane
Photograph water droplets on a window pane, with the droplets acting as lenses that distort and refract the light from the outside scene, creating an abstract and artistic composition --style raw --stylize 65 --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

Majestic Lightning Strike Over a City
Capture a dramatic scene of lightning striking over a city skyline, showcasing the contrast between the city lights and the fierce lightning in the stormy sky --style raw --stylize 75 --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

Sunrays Peeking Through Storm Clouds
Capture the dramatic scene of sunrays peeking through dark storm clouds, creating a striking contrast and highlighting the silver lining --style raw --stylize 75 --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

That's it for this list of Midjourney lighting prompts, you can explore other Midjourney styles below:

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