AI Startups Raised $550M Last Week

AI startups raised $550M in venture funding last week, here are the top companies to watch.
AI Startups Raised $550M Last Week

Welcome to our roundup of the top stories & startups to watch in AI, this week we have stories on:

  • AI companies lost $190B last week
  • 'Magnificent Seven' market grip slips
  • AI Startups raised $550M in venture funding

This Week in AI πŸ—žοΈ

This week in AI, publicly-traded AI companies lost market share after earnings reports and investors seem to be prioritizing performance over AI potential.

AI companies lost $190B last week πŸ“‰

  • Shares of publicly-traded AI companies lost $190B last week, per Reuters, after disappointing earnings from Microsoft, Alphabet, and AMD, despite AI-driven market optimism. Read the full article.

'Magnificent Seven' market grip slips 7️⃣

  • As FT reports, the influence of the 'Magnificent Seven' tech giants on the stock market is diminishing as investors prioritize actual performance over AI potential. Read the full article.

AI Startups Raised $550M πŸš€

AI startups raised a total of $550M+ in venture funding this past week, here are a few of our favourite to watch.


  • What they do: Codeium is a code acceleration toolkit built on cutting edge AI technology. Key features include autocomplete, intelligent search, and chat.
  • Funding: Raised a $65M Series B round

  • What they do: is provides AI-powered virtual assistants and applications for enhancing customer and employee experiences across various industries.
  • Funding: Raised a $150M Series D round


  • What they do: DataSnipper is an intelligent audit platform that improves the speed and quality of auditing. They offer services such as snipping, document matching, table snip, text recognition, and document management.
  • Funding: Raised a $100M Series B round

Align AI

  • What they do: Align AI provides user analytics for AI-native products. It helps product teams analyze conversational data generated from LLM-enabled apps.
  • Funding: Raised a $3.5M Seed round

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