MLQ Research: Institutional-Grade Analysis of Crypto Assets

MLQ Research is a service that creates in-depth research reports on digital assets and cryptocurrencies for our clients, which range from VC-backed crypto startups to institutional investors.

We're excited to announce that MLQ is expanding our offerings to include an institutional-grade research service of crypto assets.

What is MLQ Research?

We write in-depth research reports on digital assets and cryptocurrencies for our clients, which range from VC-backed crypto startups to institutional & professional investors.

Our research reports can be used to grow your company with content marketing, position your company as a thought leader, evaluate individual crypto assets, or analyze industry trends.

Whether you’re looking to scale your company with content marketing, build your brand’s reputation as a thought leader in the industry, or analyze individual crypto assets, MLQ Research is designed to help you scale your team.

Below we'll discuss the two main types of clients we work with:

  • Blockchain content marketing for VC-backed crypto startups
  • Crypto Asset Analysis for Professional & Institutional Investors

Blockchain Content Marketing For VC-Backed Crypto Startups

One of our main clientele is providing blockchain-related content marketing for VC-backed crypto startups.

Our team has years of experience working with venture-backed tech companies to scale their content marketing efforts. Our sweet spot is helping tech companies scale from $10 - $100M ARR, although we do work with earlier stage companies if it makes sense.

Crypto Asset Analysis for Professional & Institutional Investors

We combine our data partnerships with a team that has years of experience in on-chain analysis, tokenomics, and investment research.

The digestible insights of MLQ research reports will make your team feel like it has its own research team working alongside it.  

What Makes MLQ Research Different?

Over the past year, we've developed partnerships with the top crypto data providers in the industry in order to build the MLQ App, which in case you're new here is: investment research platform focused on AI-based insights for equities and crypto.
Source: MLQ App

In addition to these data partnerships, we've been working to find the top crypto research analysts in the industry to help institutional investors, enterprises, and high-growth startups, create industry-leading content and make data-driven decisions in their portfolios.

By combining these data partnerships and top-tier analysts we now provide clients with institutional-grade content & research reports a variety of digital assets.

What's included?

You will receive a detailed and high-quality research report, according to your specifications if desired, on any digital asset or cryptocurrency of your choosing.

Using a research-oriented approach to analysis, our reports take into account various metrics & insights, including but not limited to:

  • Token utility and tokenomics
  • Network activity and growth
  • Developer activity
  • Liquidity and market structure
  • Social sentiment
  • On-chain analysis
  • Founding team
  • And more

Our Team

Our team includes skilled cryptocurrency researchers and analysts with 5+ years of experience in the crypto industry that is knowledgeable about DeFi protocols, yield farming, DEXs, staking, NFT projects, and more. The team has also contributed to Messari's Hub program for institutional-grade crypto research.

We provide institutional-grade research and analysis for a range of clients including VC-funded startups, professional traders and investors, and other crypto enthusiasts.


What is MLQ Research?

MLQ Research is a service designed for crypto startups and professional investors to create high-quality research reports that have several use cases, including:

  • Scale your crypto startup with content marketing
  • Build your brands' reputation as a thought leader
  • Investment research to evaluate individual crypto assets
  • Analyze industry trends and innovation

Who is MLQ Resarch for?

Our research-oriented approach to content creation & analysis is perfect for:

  • VC-funded crypto startups
  • Professional & institutional investors
  • Enterprise tech companies
  • Other crypto enthusiasts

What does MLQ Research include?

You will receive a well-researched report or article (2k+ words) that can be used for content marketing purposes or to evaluate individual crypto assets.

MLQ Research is dedicated to independent analysis, which means we take an unbiased, no-nonsense, no-hype approach to our research.

Have questions for our analysts about your report?

No problem, our offering includes direct access to our team of analysts and researchers. Whether it’s a quick question you need, or further opinion or analysis, you have direct access to chat with our research team.

Want to see a sample?

No problem, just contact our sales team here and we'll be happy to send you a sample research report.


Pricing is based on the unique needs of our clients. To learn more, please reach out to our team. We will walk you through our pricing and discuss how MLQ Research will benefit your business — whether you’re creating content to grow your company, evaluating an investment, raising a fund, and more.

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