GPT-4 & Streamlit - Building a Frontend for an AI/ML Tutor: Academy

In this video tutorial, we'll build a simple frontend for an AI/ML tutor using GPT-4, Streamlit, and Pinecone.

a year ago   •   6 min read

By Peter Foy

In this video tutorial, we'll expand on our previous video where we crawled a website and turned it into a GPT-4 enabled AI assistant.

In this case, we'll be adding a simple frontend for our AI/ML tutor using GPT-4, Pinecone, and Streamlit. In particular, the steps we'll take include:

  • Retrieve relevant context from a vector database: Pinecone
  • Append relevant context from the database onto the user's query
  • Respond using GPT-4 and provide relevant links to the sources used

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