AI Startups Raised $454M Last Week

AI startups raised $454M in venture funding last week, here are a few of our favorite to watch.
AI Startups Raised $454M Last Week

Welcome to this week's roundup of the top startup funding & news in AI, this week we have stories on:

  • Cognition Labs introduces Devin, the first autonomous software developer
  • Figure introduces it's OpenAI-infused robot, Figure 01
  • AI startups raised $454M in venture funding

This Week in AI 🗞️

Here are the top stories to watch in AI last week 👇

Cognition Labs introduces Devin

Cognition, which recently raised $21 million from Peter Thiel's Founders Fund and others, emerged from stealt with their autonomous AI software engineer: Devin.

  • Unlike other coding assistants, Devin can manage complete development projects from coding to bug fixing and execution.
  • Devin can plan and execute complex engineering tasks, allowing human users to monitor progress and intervene if necessary.

In the SWE-bench test, Devin outperformed other AI models by resolving a significant percentage of issues end-to-end without human assistance.

Learn more about Devin.


Figure introduces Figure 01

Figure, a robotics startup that has raised $675M in funding and valued at $2.6B introduced their OpenAI-infused robot that can have full conversations with people: Figure 01.

  • The robot can now process conversation history and visual inputs to generate responses and decide on actions, all powered by neural networks.

Here's how the company describes it:

OpenAI models provide high-level visual and language intelligence. Figure neural networks deliver fast, low-level, dexterous robot actions

You can find a deep dive into the technical details from a senior AI engineer here.

AI Startups Raised $454M Last Week

Last week, AI startups raised a total of $454M in venture funding, here are a few of our favourite to watch.

Unstructured - Raised a $40M Series B Round

  • What they do: Unstructured develops an open-source data transformation platform to preprocess natural language data for machine learning services. Its open-source libraries and APIs build custom preprocessing pipelines for labeling, training, or production machine learning pipelines.
  • Industries: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Open Source
  • Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Zephyr AI - Raised a $111M Series A Round

  • What they do: Zephyr AI is a healthcare technology company committed to radically reshaping traditional approaches to drug discovery and precision medicine. Zephyr AI collaborates with top health systems, health insurance plans, and biotechnology innovators to enhance Quality, Outcomes, and Costs.
  • Industries: Biotechnology, Medical
  • Location: Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA

Lily AI - Raised a $20M Series B-1 Round

  • What they do: Lily AI is the first platform that bridges the gap between brand-speak and customer-speak to drive exponential growth for commerce companies large and small. Lily AI seamlessly injects customer-centric product attributes into site search engines, recommendation systems, SEO/SEM capabilities and item setup processes to drive exponential lift in traffic, conversion, revenue and brand loyalty.
  • Industries: Ecommerce, Marketing, Retail
  • Location: Mountain View, California, USA

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