AI Startups Raised $3.4B Last Week

AI startups raised $3.4B in venture funding last week, here are a few of our favorite to watch.
AI Startups Raised $3.4B Last Week

Last week AI startups raised $3.4B in venture funding and we had stories on:

  • Microsoft & OpenAI announce a new $100B supercomputer data center: Stargate
  • OpenAI reveals new voice cloning engine, but it's not available yet
  • Anthropic raises $2.75B from Amazon

Top Stories in AI ๐Ÿ—ž๏ธ

Here are the top stories to watch in AI last week ๐Ÿ‘‡

Microsoft & OpenAI are partnering on Stargate, a new $100B+ supercomputer data center

Microsoft and OpenAI announced a new project they're partnering on called Stargate, an AI supercomputer data center in the U.S. with a projected cost of over $115 billion and aiming for a 2028 launch.

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OpenAI reveals new voice cloning engine, but it's not available for public use yet

OpenAI introduced Voice Engine, a model that generates natural-sounding speech from just 15 seconds of audio.

Voice Engine isn't available yet for public use and is currently being tested in various fields, including education, content translation, healthcare, and support for non-verbal individuals.

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AI Startups Raised $3.4B ๐Ÿš€

Last week, 31 AI startups raised a total of $3.4B in venture funding, most notably Anthropic raised its second corporate round from Amazon, bringing their total investment to $4B.

Anthropic - Raised a $2.75B corporate round

  • What they do: Anthropic focuses on research to improve the security of AI systems and the dependability of large-scale models, developing the methods and tools to make them comprehensible, allowing clients to rely on and produce research about the advantages and disadvantages of AI.
  • Location: San Francisco, California

Hume AI - Raised a $50M Series B round

  • What they do: Hume AI provides the AI toolkit to measure, understand, and improve how technology affects human emotion. Use Humeโ€™s science-backed API to measure human expressive behavior in images, videos, audio, and text and build applications that better predict usersโ€™ intents, preferences, experiences, and outcomes.
  • Location: New York, New York

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