84 Startups Raised $6.2B Last Week

Recently-funded tech startups: 12/18 - 12/24. The report includes company data, funding amounts, and more.

6 months ago   •   2 min read

By Peter Foy

Welcome to another edition of MLQ VC: Recently-Funded Startups report. Last week, 84 tech companies collectively raised $6.2 billion in venture capital funding.

💎 Startups to Watch this Week

Here are a few of our favorite startups to watch this week:

Lightmatter - Raised a $155M Series C Round

  • What they do: Lightmatter uses integrated optical technology to create efficient processors and accelerates critical operations in neural networks using an array of programmable photonic elements fabricated alongside transistors in conventional CMOS processes, enabling clients to get quality evaluations as well as low power consumption for software algorithms underlying image recognition and natural language processing.
  • Industries: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Hardware, Machine Learning, Semiconductor, Software
  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Helin - Raised a $3.3M Seed Round

  • What they do: Helin provides a SaaS solution that combines edge control with cloud data processing and remote AI applications. The company is reshaping industrial efficiency, safety, and sustainability with its state-of-the-art Industrial Edge Intelligence platform, focusing particularly on the maritime and energy sectors. Helin empowers maritime and energy businesses to enhance the administration of industrial devices on their assets.
  • Industries: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, Cloud Data Services, Internet of Things, Marine Technology, Renewable Energy
  • Location: Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

Peachworlds - Raised a $540K Pre-Seed Round

  • What they do: Peach Worlds is the Squarespace for 3D immersive websites. It's the first no-code builder powered by AI, enabling designers to effortlessly create 3D websites without any coding.
  • Industries: 3D Technology, Web Design, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Location: Covent Garden, Essex, United Kingdom

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